Meet the Colombia Sugarcane Decaf!

I wanted to take a little time to talk about our new decaf offering.  This coffee is special.  Often times with decaf coffee, you lose a little of the tastiness in the cup.  The decaffeination process will remove not only the caffeine, but sometimes the process will remove aroma and taste compounds that make the coffee special.  I don't think that has happened with this coffee.  I have really enjoyed this as much as some regular, caffeinated coffees. 

So what's the sugarcane all about? Well, the sugarcane process doesn't impart any more sweetness to the coffee, as the name might suggest.  The sugarcane used in this method is only used to naturally derive a compound called ethyl acetate.  The ethyl acetate is what is used to decaffeinate the seed. 

Ethyl acetate is a natural byproduct of the fermentation of sugarcane.  So, this chemical compound isn't derived artificially in lab, but collected only after a natural fermentation of sugar cane occurs. 

This particular method of decaffeination is popular in places like Colombia because, not only do the hard-working farmers in Colombia grow great coffee, in abundance, they also have plenty of sugarcane on their farms as well.  So, the sugarcane is easy to come by.  This is a great way for two industries in Colombia to work together.   

 So, you can be certain that this decaf coffee is a naturally-decaffeinated. You can also count on this coffee tasting great.  Pick up a bag from our online store today!