Green Buying

There were so many factors to consider as I began deciding where I would buy the greens for Clarity.  

One thing I had to make sure of was that the greens would be specialty grade and that the company had a reputation for consistently receiving and distributing great green coffee.  Many coffee importers in the U.S. check this box.  

Next, I had to consider the quantities of coffee that I would be purchasing.  For a larger scale roastery, it is not uncommon to buy pallets of bags of coffee, with each bag weighing a couple hundred pounds.  Clearly, as a startup, I don't need that much coffee on hand!! So, I had to find a company that would sell me green coffee in much smaller amounts.  This immediately narrowed my choices to just a handful of importers.  

Next, I wanted to be sure that the greens I would be purchasing could be guaranteed to have been harvested under ethical work conditions and that the men and women that were harvesting and processing the greens were getting paid fairly.  

Enter, Genuine Origin.  This company really checks all the boxes for me.  They import great quality greens from all over the world.  They sell me quantities that are reasonable for my operation, and they can be certain that the farmers and processors are getting paid well.  

For years, Genuine Origin, along with its parent company Volcafe, have come alongside farmers to teach sustainable farming practices that will ensure that the farmers can produce the highest quality coffee for which they can command a high price.  

A dream of mine is to go visit the coffee farms that supply the coffees that I roast.  I would love to see their practices in person and to thank them for doing what they do.  But, until that time comes, I feel great knowing that the folks I buy Clarity’s green coffee from will continue to have healthy relationships with these farmers for years to come.